Date of birth of Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat Age has been yet another controversial matter for the girl where on one side she claims that she is still in her twenties while on the other side some proofs and even her own mother insists that Mallika has crossed her 35. Media was shocked when a private television channel brought up one Mallika’s group photo with her colleagues when she was working as air hostess near to 1995 and according to account her age then was only 24 years old.

Birthdate of Mallika Sherawat is 24th October though the year of her birth is a mystery to everyone in Bollywood.  Mallika Sherawat whose real name is Reema Lamba was seven when she came to Delhi with her family in 1983 and contrarily to the story she made about her being from an orthodox family, her family was always supportive to her. Date of birth of Mallika Sherawat has created a tone of masala news and controversies in media which Mallika is very well used of thus no matter what questions were raised regarding to Mallika Sherawat Age, she handled it with her witty sense of humor and I don’t care attitude.

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